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LNG Lerici gas carrier

| Maritime News | 22/06/2012

LNG Lerici   The cargo ship LNG Lerici is gas carrier, which is really large and impressive vessel. The construction of the hull and the improved design are making this vessel strong, powerful and profitable. The ship was built in the Fincantieri shipyard in 1998 and operated by LNG Shipping S.p.A. The improvements integrated into the design, stability and safety on board are making the ship important for the maritime transport. LNG Lerici has length of 216.14 meters, beam of 33.90 meters, depth of 21.26 meters and draft of 8.20 meters. The total height of the ship is 54.00 meters and the air draft is 46.00 meters. The ship has large cargo capacity, as the deadweight is 35,761 tons, gross tonnage is 46,555 GRT and the net tonnage 13,966 tons. The ship has improved design, so the cargo capacity is 65,299 cubic meters, which is quite high value for the gas carrier with such size.

   The vessel has 4 cargo tanks, which have two separate vertical centrifugal, electrical cargo pumps. Each pump has capacity of 800 cubic meters per hour, which means that the ship can be loaded or discharged for less than 12 hours. Such strong pumps are making possible the decrease of the time spent for staying in ports and increase the voyages. Definitely the gas carrier LNG Lerici has powerful engineering and improved machinery to be more profitable. The main engine on board of the cargo ship is Deutz with power of 8,400 hp. The ship has maximum speed of 19.9 knots, while the service one is 18.8 knots. The ship has low fuel consumption, low CO2 emissions and really high reliability. The vessel is built with double hull technology, which is mandatory for such kind of vessels according to the IMO requirements and standards.

   More information about the car carrier LNG Lerici:
      •  Length: 216.14 m
      •  Beam: 33.90 m
      •  Depth: 21.26 m
      •  Draft: 8.20 m
      •  Deadweight: 35,761 DWT
      •  Gross Tonnage: 46,555 GRT
      •  Net Tonnage: 13,966 tons
      •  Engine: Deutz
      •  Power: 8,400 hp
      •  Speed: 18.8 kn
      •  Shipyard: Fincantieri
      •  Year: 1998

More photos of the car carrier LNG Lerici:

LNG Lerici carrier   LNG Lerici ship

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