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The largest car carrier of the world – mv Faust

| Maritime News | 11/06/2012

mv Faust   If you wonder about the name of the largest car carrier of the world, definitely this is mv Faust. The cargo ship has deadweight of 30,383 metric tons, while the gross tonnage is 71,583 metric tons. The car carrier has length of 228.00 meters and beam of 33.00 meters. The draft of the ship, when fully loaded is 11.50 meters and he air draft of the ship is 52.00 meters. The giant was built in 2007 in the ship-yard of Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering DSME and proves the words about the development of Asian shipbuilding and world maritime transport. The cargo ship has 13 decks and the whole cargo capacity is over 68,000 cubic meters. The high improvement in the cargo hold construction, allows the ship to be stronger and more optimized. The large clearance of the cargo holds and loading ramp, allow for the ship to carry cars, all kind of trucks and buses. The stern ramp has width of 9.50 meters and height of 6.50 meters, while the capacity is 240 tones. The total cargo capacity of the mv Faust is 3,484 cars or 468 large trucks. The hull is strong, the engine is powerful and highly reliable. Definitely the car carrier mv Faust is impressive ship.

   However, the car carriers are ships from Ro-Ro type and they usually need high speed. So the engine installed on board should be powerful and really reliable. The main engine of mv Faust is MAN B&W 7S60MC-C, which gives high output power and allows for the ship to reach service speed of 19.0 knots, while the maximum speed is over 21.0 knots. In any case the car carrier mv Faust is great ship, which is designed to be profitable and strong, according to the latest IMO requirements for ship environment and safety.

   More information about mv Faust car carrier:
      •  Length: 228.00 m
      •  Beam: 33.00 m
      •  Draft: 11.50 m
      •  Deadweight: 30,383 m.t.
      •  Gross Tonnage: 71,583 g.t.
      •  Capacity: 3,484 cars
      •  Engine: MAN B&W 7S60MC-C
      •  Shipyard: Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering
      •  Year: 2007

More photos about the car carries mv Faust:

mv Faust ship   mv Faust car carrier

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