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Comments Off on Cargo ship Pacific Carrier broke in two by giant waves

Cargo ship Pacific Carrier broke in two by giant waves

| Maritime News | 30/08/2012

Pacific Carrier broke two   The cargo ship Pacific Carrier drag anchor and later broke in two on 1 mile off South Korean port Busan. The accident was caused by the heavy sea and giant waves from the typhoon Bolaven. The bulk carrier was anchored new Busan after the collision with the container vessel Hyundai Confidence in December 2011. The ship was under ballast and anchored before the shipowner pay the repair of the ship and the fine for the collision. The vessel was detained by the local authorities without any crew members on board. Last days the typhoon Bolaven passed through South Korea and Indonesia, making giant waves and disturbed the shipping in the region. They dragged the anchor of the cargo ship Pacific Carrier and broght him to the rocky shore, where the ship damaged and broke on two parts.

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Comments Off on Thermopylae Sierra sank off Colombo

Thermopylae Sierra sank off Colombo

| Maritime News | 23/08/2012

Thermopylae Sierra   The bulk carrier Thermopylae Sierra sank off Colombo, Sri Lanka. The cargo ship was anchored on the road to the harbor since 2009, when the ship was arrested because of court disputes between the shipowner and the crew and court order about the cargo. The ship was abandoned and left without maintenance since the arrest time, which caused serious damage of the hull, rust and deterioration of the seaworthiness and safety. The local authorities were warned by environmental organizations about the danger of sinking, but no actions were taken. The ship had 70 tons for fuel on board, which may cause serious ecological disaster. The local authorities neglected the situation with the bulk carrier, as it was left to sank in the route of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Comments Off on Bulk carrier Lucy Oldendorff caught fire in New Zaeland

Bulk carrier Lucy Oldendorff caught fire in New Zaeland

| Maritime News | 21/08/2012

Lucy Oldendorff ship   The bulk carrier Lucy Oldendorff reported fire into the cargo hold at berth place in Tauranga, New Zaeland. The vessel was moored into the port after voyage between Pasir Gudang, Malaysia and Tauranga, when the duty officers saw smoke coming from Cargo Hold No 1. The crew activated the CO2 firefighting system, which extinguished the fire, pushing the air from the hold. There is no damages and injured people during the accident and the discharging of the palm kernel cargo on board will continue according to the plan. There is no information about the reason for the accident, as the local and port authorities started investigations. The ship will be inspected after the finishing of the discharge operations and will continue the voyage. The vessel is quite new, built according to the latest standards of IMO with modern firefighting equipment, which was the main reason for fast and accurate extinguishing of the fire.

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Comments Off on Bulk carrier Ocean Breeze ran aground in Chile

Bulk carrier Ocean Breeze ran aground in Chile

| Maritime News | 19/08/2012

Ocean Breeze salvage   The bulk carrier Ocean Breeze dragged anchor and went aground in a sandbank on the Llolleo Beach in Arica, Chile. The vessel arrived on the anchorage in front of the Chilean port, but because of the storm and heavy sea dragged the anchor to the beach. The bulk carrier Ocean Breeze hit the ground and was not able to re-float by itself. The coast guard helicopter saved the crew on board, as there was serious danger of overkeel of the ship. The bad weather and the heavy sea are causing serious interruptions of the shipping in the region, as there is no information to improve next 1-2 days. Before decreasing of the waves, there is no ability to salvage and refloat the bulk carrier. The ship Ocean Breeze is fully loaded with wheat and soy beans, so according to the salvage plans, the ship will be lightened before tugged back to deep waters.
This is the second similar accident with the bulk carrier Ocean Breeze, as one week ago the vessel aground in the Chilean port of San Antonio. The reasons for the previous accident was the same – dragging anchor, as the local port authorities requested full inspection and survey of the ship after the refloating of the ship.

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Comments Off on Bulk Carrier Great Mind ran aground in Philippines

Bulk Carrier Great Mind ran aground in Philippines

| Maritime News | 16/08/2012

mv Great Mind   Large Hong Kong cargo ship ran aground in Zambales, Phlippines because of the bad weather conditions and strong winds. The storm in the country caused many floods and destructions, embarrassing the shipping in the region. The bulk carrier mv Great Mind was carrying 64,500 metric tons of Indonesian steam coal for Masinloc, but due to the bad weather and currents the ship ran aground in mud bank and was not able to refloat by itself. The cargo ship sent a distress signal and the coast guard sent tugs to the scene of the accident, as the salvage operations took more than 2 hours. Finally the ship was refloated and tugged to the port of Masinloc, when was discharged from the cargo. There were no visible damages of the hull, but the port authorities requested survey to release the ship to the further destinations. The mv Great Mind is owned and operated by Great Mind Shipping Ltd, which were informed about the accident.

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Comments Off on Diana Shipping received the bulk carrier Amphitrite

Diana Shipping received the bulk carrier Amphitrite

| Maritime News | 15/08/2012

Amphitrite bulker   The Greek company Diana Shipping Inc took the delivery of the new bulk carrier Amphitrite. The vessel is newly built Post-Panamax dry bulk carrier, which has large capacity, modern design and engineering. The Greek company has contract for time charter of the bulk carrier with the Swiss company Bunge SA. The price of the gross charter rate is 10,000 USD per day and the ship will operate mostly in Western Europe. The cargo ship was built by Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) Shipbuilding Inc and has total price of 25 million USD. The bulk carrier Amphitrite has deadweight of 98,697 DWT and really was made according to the latest standards for efficiency and profitability. The Greek company is operating with one of the largest fleets in bulk carrying, consisted of 29 dry bulk carriers.

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Berge Stahl bulk carrier

| Maritime News | 19/07/2012

Berge Stahl   Berge Stahl is the largest bulk carrier of the world. The vessel is impressive with giant measurements and really large cargo capacity. We should mention that only a few ports in Europe and even all over the world, can accept such large carriers. Berge Stahl is owned by Bergesen d.y. ASA and operated by Berge Bulk Norway. The ship has length of 343.00 m, beam of 65.00 m and maximum summer draft of 23.00 m. The deadweight of this large bulk carrier is 364,767 DWT and the gross tonnage is 175,720 GRT. The cargo capacity of the vessel is over 220,000 cubic meters for carrying grain. The design of the bulk carrier Berge Stahl allow it to carry heavy and light cargoes. The vessel has various compartments with different sizes, as the odd numbers are smaller than the even ones. The special design allow the ship to carry heavy bulk cargoes, which have higher density and high mass. Such structure is used usually in many bulk carriers, but never before in such large vessel. The improved design and the hull shape make the ship more powerful, more profitable and even more environmental.

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Comments Off on PRISCO sold two bulkers to Greek company

PRISCO sold two bulkers to Greek company

| Maritime News | 17/07/2012

PRISCO Abakan   The Russian shipowner PRISCO Corp sold its two bulk carrier to the Greek company Navious at total price of 42 million USD. The two vessel PRISCO UDOKAN (IMO:9558907) and PRISCO ABAKAN (IMO:9558892) are sister ships, built in 2009 in the South Korean shipyard Stx Offshore & Shipbuilding. The both bulk carriers have length of 190.00 m, beam of 32.00 m and depth of 10.50 m. The deadweight of the vessels are 57,334 DWT each and the gross tonnage is 33,218 GRT each. The deal is part from the big renovation and restructure of the company, which PRISCO Corp started last year with selling six aframax ships to its rival SCF (Sovcomflot). The company lost the competition for carrying Russian crude oil and lost a lot of its contracts, so during the financial crisis PRISCO Corp was in front of bankruptcy with increasing debts and low value of cargo carried. To survive, the company planned to decrease the value of its fleet and to sale the ships, which are not profitable enough and to pay more attention in tankers management, which are the main specialization of the company.

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Berge Bonde bulk carrier

| Maritime News | 06/07/2012

Berge Bonde   The bulk carrier Berge Bonde is one of the largest bulk carriers of the world and property of Bergesen ASA. The ship is deputy of the largest bulk carrier of the world, during its planned maintenance and inspections. The ship Berge Bonde is large, strong and really with modern engineering. The length of the bulk carrier is 299.94 meters, the beam is 50.00 meters and maximum summer draft is 24.50 meters. These large dimensions are predicting the large cargo capacity, which Berge Bonde has. The cargo capacity of the ship is 104,727 cubic meters, the deadweight is 206,312 DWT and the gross tonnage is 104,727 GRT. The ship was built in the shipyard of Imabari Shipbuilding in 2005, following the latest technology developments and IMO standards. The ship Berge Bonde is definitely one of the largest bulk carriers of the world, which has total nine cargo hold, 5 of which are designed to carry heavy cargoes (smaller, with increased strength). Imabari Shipbuilding integrated a lot of new and improved systems in engineering and propulsion system of the bulk carrier.

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Sea Angel ship sank in India during towing

| Maritime News | 06/07/2012

Sea Angel sinking   The bulk carrier Sea Angel sank, while being undertow from m/v Morning Star. The accident happened 6.5 nautical miles off Kochi, near the Munambam harbour. The main reason for the unexpected sank of the ship was the rough sea and the strong wind, which hit the board of the bulk carrier. The ship Sea Angel was towed to the breaking yard at the port of Azhikkal, where should be scrapped. The vessel is quite old, and has serious engine failure, which was too expensive for the shipowner and they refused to use this ship anymore. During the accident there are no injured crew members and no pollution, but the responsibility for the wreck removal will be at ship owners and the agents.

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