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Pirates abandoned the product tanker Energy Centurion

| Maritime News | 30/08/2012

Energy Centurion tanker   The pirates left the product tanker Energy Centurion a few hours after hijacking it in the Gulf of Guinea. The vessel was tracked the followed by naval forces of France and Great Britain, which feared the pirates. They were not able to steal the cargo according to their plan, but got a lot of values ​​and techniques from the crew. All the crew members are in good health and the product tanker continued the voyage to Lome, Togo according to the voyage plan. The product tanker is loaded with 50,000 tones of gasoil and should be discharged in the destination port. The vessel first head to the shore, but then changed the course to south, where pirates abandoned the ship in fast boat.

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Product tanker hijacked in Gulf of Guinea for cargo theft

| Maritime News | 24/08/2012

Anuket Emerald tanker   The product oil tanker Anuket Emerald was hijacked in Gulf of Guinea and released a few days later. The ship was missing for a few days, after it was hijacked during the passage near the coast of the African country on 18th August 2012. The ship was carrying petroleum products and a skiff with armed men attached it from the port side. The tanker tried to maneuver, but after a few shots from the pirates, the captain gave command to stop the engine. The pirates got control of the vessel and headed it to some of their ports, where large part of the cargo was discharged. The pirates wanted only to stole the cargo, which is their usual purpose when hijacking ships. According to the seamen operating in this region, Gulf of Guinea is very dangerous, as there are pirates attacks on more than 200 nautical miles off the shore. Usually the pirates attack the ships, which are drifting in the Gulf of Guinea and waiting for entering in Lome, Lagos or other ports. Usually the vessels are waiting for more than a couple of days to enter into the ports in the vicinity, enclosing to entrance position and returning back into the ocean. So the pirates have good visibility of the ships movement and can get the vessel, when off the shore even on over 200 nautical miles.

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