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CMM Coatzacoalcos tug sank in Mexico because of the bad weather

| Maritime News | 17/09/2012

CMM Coatzacoalcos tug   The harbor tug CMM Coatzacoalcos capsized and sank off the shores of Coatzacoalcos, Mexico. The accident happened during operations in bad weather and heavy sea. The tug lost stability and capsized, which caused sinking. The master of the tug died during the accident, as his body was found by the rescuers. The chief engineer is missing and the other 3 crew members were rescued by the coast guard. According to the information from the local authorities, the tug was forced to continue operations of underwater construction works, in spite of the warning for bad weather and the opinion of the master. The local authorities started investigation about the accident, caused death of one person and missing of another.

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Towing tug Phil Pasig capsized and sank in Philippines

| Maritime News | 28/08/2012

Phil Pasig tug   The towing tug Phil Pasig capsized and sank in Philippines. The vessel ran aground a few days ago, during barge towing, hit by storm. On board of the towing tug were 5 crew members, who requested assistance from the port authorities. The harbor tug Alphard refloated the vessel Phil Pasig and saw that there was sufficient damage of the hull and propulsion system. The salvage operations continued and the tug Phil Pasig was towed to the harbor, when due to large waves the tug capsized and sank. The 5 crew members on board were into a trap, but four of them were able to escape and were rescued. However, one of the Phil Pasig’s crew died into the waters of the sea.

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Towing tug sank in Philippines

| Maritime News | 03/08/2012

Tug sank Chinese Sea   The towing tug Kosco 202 sank in South China sea, due to the heavy sea and storm, which attacked Philippines last days. The Kosco 202 was towing a barge from Shanghai to Samarinda, when was hit by transverse wind and waves, which almost overkeeled the vessel and caused water ingress. The ship lost stability and straightened the towing rope with damaged the engineering. All the crew abandomed the vessel to life raft, sending distress signal to the Coast Guard Station. The accident happened on 10 nautical miles off Capones Point in Luzon, Philippines. The rescue boat, sent from Coast Guard, saved all the 7 Korean crew members, reporting no serious injury of anyone. The barge is still drifting on three nautical miles off San Antonio, Philippines. The port authorities immediately started salvage operations for saving the barge, but due to the bad weather, it was highly dangerous.

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