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Comments Off on Pirates hijacked dhow sailing ship with 6 passengers on board

Pirates hijacked dhow sailing ship with 6 passengers on board

| Maritime News | 14/08/2012

dhow ships   Pirates hijacked two dhow sailing vessels 10 nautical miles off the coast of Oman in Arab Sea. First was hijacked a small dhow, which was used only for shortage the distance with the large sailing vessel. The pirates attacked the second sailing ship and hijacked it, leaving the first dhow free. The hijacked vessel had 6 persons on board and sailed in deep water after the pirates attack. The name of the vessel is unknown, but the dhow had small while craft on board and yellow crane, according to the witness evidences. The most interesting and scary thing is that the attack happens a few miles off the Oman coast and one of the largest resorts of the country – Salalah. The navy ships in the vicinity were informed for the pirates attack and god description of the hijacked vessel and started search operations. There is no information about the nationality of the passengers on board of the hijacked dhow vessel.

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Comments Off on Super-yacht Star Fish was badly damaged by fire

Super-yacht Star Fish was badly damaged by fire

| Maritime News | 12/08/2012

Star Fish   The super-yacht Star Fish was badly damaged during a large fire in Auckland boat-yard. The yacht was completed on 75% and had to be delivered next year to her the owners. The dock workers made fireworkds in the engine room of the yacht, installing some of equipment, when due to a spark the fresh paint of the hull started burning. More than 90 firefighters battled the blaze during the night, before fully extinguishing the fire. On board of the yacht were stored chemicals, which additionally disturbed the firefighting. The fire was totally extinguished after more than 12 hours and cased damages of the hull, which will delay the deliver with more than 3 months. The director of Auckland boat-yard said on press-release that the reason of the fire was human error by the working teams and during the fire were lost countless hours of working on building the super-yacht Star Fish.

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Comments Off on Super-yacht Phocea was arrested in Vanuatu

Super-yacht Phocea was arrested in Vanuatu

| Maritime News | 11/08/2012

Phocea yacht   The super-yacht Phocea and its captain were arrested for breaking the Immigration and Customs Act of Vanuatu. The coast guard boat stopped the yacht a few miles off the coast of the South Pacific Ocean’s island for regular check. On board of the yacht were found fake passports of Vanuatu and weapons. The police reported that two government ministers were on board of the super-yacht Phocea before the arriving of the customs officials. The preliminary information shows that the yacht was used for drug and weapons traffic, as the investigations in such direction continue. The captian of the yacht Richard Malaise, together with a woman will be due in a court together and may be jailed for up to two years. The super-yacht is one of the largest sailing yachts of the world and managed by Sete Yachts. The preliminary information reveals that the yacht was used for charter and the owner and manager are not engaged with the process in any case.

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Comments Off on Yacht sank in Southport, USA

Yacht sank in Southport, USA

| Maritime News | 06/08/2012

Yacht sank Southport   Small 20-feet recreation boat sank after collision with a platform near the port of Deep Point Marina in Southport, USA. The yacht broke its hull and quickly sank, due to the serious damages of the hull. The seamen were able to sent distress signal before sinking of the yacht using the VHF station. The rescue boat arrived at the scene of the accident and found 3 people boarded on the platform and one person in the water. The four people were rescued and boarded on the rescue boat and transported to the Deep Point Marina medical center. The medical professionals checked the situation of the castaways and transported them to Regional Medical Center in Wilmington. One of the people had serious injuries after the accident and died into the hospital.

Comments Off on Russian yacht sank after collision with cargo ship

Russian yacht sank after collision with cargo ship

| Maritime News | 03/08/2012

Kelarvi ship   The recreation boat Rossi collided with the general cargo ship Kelarvi in Neva river, Russia. The accident happened near the Fontanka area in St Petersburg and the beat sank immediately after the collision. On board of the yacht were 2 crew members and 13 passengers, who were rescued by the vessels in vicinity. Some of the passengers had injuries, but there is nothing dangerous. The port authorities started investigations of the accident and the preliminary information says that the captain of the boat was guilty for the accident. The yacht Rossi was sailing into a channel reserved for cargo ships and denied the warning calls from the cargo ship for collision. According to the authorities the cargo ship was maneuvering correctly following the Colreg (Collision Regulation) and made all the possible actions to prevent collision. The ship had no serious damages of the hull, but was kept for inspection in the closest port.

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Octopus yacht

| Maritime News | 25/07/2012

Octopus   The yacht Octopus is one of the largest and most expensive yachts of the world, built ever. The vessel was built in 2003 in the yard of Lurssen Yachts. The owner of the super-yacht is Paul Allen, who is the co-founder of Microsoft and one of the richest men in the world. The super-yacht Octopus is really large and impressive in design and architecture. The overall length of the yacht is 126.20 m, the beam is 21.00 m and the maximum draft is 5.66 m. The deadweight of Octopus super-yacht is 1,680 DWT and the gross tonnage is 9,932 GRT. The large size of the yacht is great prove of its majesty, but also the hull has increased strength and the interior has comfortability of high class cruise. The yacht has active and static stabilizers, which decrease the rolling, during heavy sea. On board of yacht Octopus is installed the most modern equipment for safety, navigation and stabilization.

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Pelorus yacht

| Maritime News | 04/07/2012

Pelorus   The second largest and most expensive yacht of the world is Pelorus, property of the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. This is really amazing and extremely expensive yacht, which is valued at price of 300 million USD. The yacht has length of 115.00 meters, beam of 17.20 meters and maximum draft of 4.66 meters. The gross tonnage of the yacht Pelorus is 5317 GRT and on board there are 9 cabins with capacity for 18 passengers. Such large dimensions are impressive, but even more interesting is the interior and luxury inside. Pelorus is created to impress and to show the richness of her owner. The yacht was built in 2003 in Lurssen yards in Bremen, Germany. The interior and exterior design is made by the yacht architect Tim Heywood, who created some of the largest yachts of the world. The yacht has powerful engineering, propulsion system, strong hull and stabilizers, which made the cruise really calm and beautiful.

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Comments Off on Eos super-yacht caught fire in Norway

Eos super-yacht caught fire in Norway

| Maritime News | 02/07/2012

Eos   The super-yacht Eos fired, while being at anchor near Oslo. The yacht had 18 people on board – guests and crew, but all were rescued. The super-yacht Eos is sailing yacht, which is used for private cruises of her owners. The accident happened on 20-th June, when the duty officer on board sent distress signal for fire on board. The firefighting team arrived, but due to the position of anchorage the salvage operations were complicated. The crew on board drove the yacht, closer to the shore and the firefighters successfully suppressed the fire. There are serious damages over the super-structure of the yacht. There are no injured people and no information about pollution at the fire position.

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Comments Off on The beauty of the seas – yacht Eclipse

The beauty of the seas – yacht Eclipse

| Maritime News | 19/06/2012

Eclipse yacht   The yacht Eclipse is really the most beautiful and the most impressive one in the world. The luxury yacht is property of the Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich and has worth of more than 1.2 billion USD. The yacht is large, as the overall length is 155.20 meters, the beam is 21.50 meters and the draft is 5.00 meters. The yacht Eclipse was ordered in 2008 in the Blohm & Voss Shipyard in Hamburg, Germany and completed in 2010. The luxury interior and the great design are making the yacht Eclipse really the most interesting one in the world. The yacht has five decks for the passengers and one navigation deck. The total area for the guests on board is over 5,000 square feet The engineering and the navigation equipment on board are according to the latest standards and innovations. The interior design was made by Terence Disdale and really can be compared to the most luxury hotels of the world.

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Comments Off on Superyacht ran aground in Greece

Superyacht ran aground in Greece

| Maritime News | 18/06/2012

Tamara RD superyacht   The superyacht Tamara RD, which is one of the most luxury and most expensive yachts for charter in Greece ran aground with 10 passengers on board. The yacht started cruise with 10 passengers on board and passed through Lefkada channel, Greece, when due to navigation mistake hit shallow. There were no visible damages over the hull of the yacht and no injured people from the guests and crew on board. With the power of the engines and tugged by two fishing vessels, the superyacht Tamara RD was refloated and headed to Lefkada anchor area. It was highly important the yacht to pass survey, as the shores of Ionian sea are consisted of many rocks, which may highly damage the hull. Fortunately, there were no damages the passengers continued their cruise on board.

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